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Junior Free Talk 5

This book is for students who can speak but want to improve their comprehension and pronunciation skills. The book contains questions and additional pattern lessons that will help students enhance their skills.

20 Units

Day 81-100

81. Laughter

82. When You Can't Sleep

83. Save Water

84. The New Shopping Mall

85. Amy's Apartment Building

Review. Unit 1-5

86. Nothing to Wear

87. John's Restaurant

88. Fortune Teller

89. A Very Outgoing Person

90. My Brother and I

Review. Unit 6-10

91. Close Friends

92. A Bad Day at the Office

93. Maria Gomez

94. The Students in my English Class

95. In the Park

Review. Unit 11-15

96. Staying at Home Today

97. Concerts

98. Arthur is Very Angry

99. Holiday Shopping

100. Weekend

Review. Unit 16-20

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