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Pronunciation Practice 1

20 Units

Day 1-20

1. Short a[æ] vs. short e[ɛ]

2. Short e[ɛ] vs. long a[eɪ]

3. Short i[i] vs. Long e [i:]

4. Short u[ʊ] vs. Long u[u:]

5. Short o[ɑ] vs. Long o[oʊ]

6. Schwa Sounds [ʌ] and [ə]

7. Back vowel [ɑ:] and open mid vowel [ɜ:]

8. Confusing [r] and [l] Sounds

9. [l] and [n] Sounds

10. Voiceless [f] vs. Voiced [v]

11. Voiced [b] vs. Voiceless [p]

12. Voiceless [s] vs. Voiced [z]

13. Voiceless th[θ] vs. Voiced th[ð]

14. ch [tʃ] and sh [ʃ] Sounds

15. Soft g[dʒ] and Hard g[ɡ] Sounds

16. [v] and [w] Sounds

17. [ks] and [kw] Sounds

18. [ŋk] and [ŋ] Final sounds

19. The Magic [e]

20. [-ed] Ending Sound

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