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Pre-Basic Speaking 2

This book contains dialogs for beginners. It aims to help students memorize basic words and expressions, and use them in communicating with other people.

20 Units

Day 1-20

1. Basic Introduction

2. The Weekend

3. Asking Wh-Questions

4. Time, Duration, Frequency

5. Shopping

Review. Unit 1-5

6. Ordering a Meal

7. Asking for Help

8. Asking for Directions

9. Weekend Plans

10. Health Problems

Review. Unit 6-10

11. Small Talk

12. Talking about Jobs

13. The Family

14. Movies

15. Describing People

Review. Unit 11-15

16. The Weather

17. Talking on the Phone

18. Locations

19. Describing Things

20. Fashion and Clothes

Review. Unit 16-20

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