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Let's Go 4

This book contains expression which students can use in communication. The expressions, dialogues and activities are sure ways to help the student focus and improve his or her English skills.

32 Units

Day 1-32

1. Let's Talk: The Great Outdoors

2. Let's Learn: What are you going to do?

3. Let's Learn More: I'm going tp the mountains. What do I need?

4. Let's Read: Phonics ch and sh

5. Let's Talk: Hopes and Dreams

6. Let's Learn: What does he want to be?

7. Let's Learn More: What does he want to do? He wants to drive a car.

8. Let's Read: Phonics ph and wh

Review. Unit 1-8

9. Let's Talk: Birthdays

10. Let's Learn: What did you do yesterday?

11. Let's Learn More: What happened? She won a race.

12. Let's Read: Phonics hard and soft th

13. Let's Talk: School

14. Let's Learn: Which season do you like best?

15. Let's Learn More: Which book is heavier? The red book is heavier.

16. Let's Read: Phonics ck and nk

Review. Unit 9-16

17. Let's Talk: Outdoors and Indoors

18. Let's Learn: Kate went under a bridge and up a hill.

19. Let's Learn More: What did you do on Sunday? I watched a baseball game.

20. Let's Read: Phonics lk and st

21. Let's Talk: People

22. Let's Learn: What does you cousin look like?

23. Let's Learn More: Which one is your uncle?

24. Let's Read: Phonics nd and ng

Review. Unit 17-24

25. Let's Talk: Future Plans

26. Let's Learn: Are you going tp read a novel tonight?

27. Let's Learn More: Where are you going to go? We're going to go to the gift shop.

28. Let's Read: Phonics qu and tw

29. Let's Talk: Work and Play

30. Let's Learn: What do you like to do?

31. Let's Learn More: What do you have to do? I have to wash the dishes.

32. Let's Read: Phonics nt and rt

Review. Unit 25-32

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