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Pronunciation Practice 2

This book is for students who already have knowledge of the basic phonetic symbols thus pursuing for further improvement. It contains sound exercises as well as reading drills for students to improve their pronunciation.

20 Units

Day 1-20

1. Short a [æ] and Short e [ɛ] Sounds

2. Short e [ɛ] and Long a [eɪ] Sounds

3. Short i [ɪ] and Long e[i:] Sounds

4. Short oo [ʊ] and Long u [u:] Sounds

5. Short o [ɑ] and Long o [ou] Sounds

6. Schwa Sounds [ʌ] and [ə]

7. Back vowel [ɑr] and Open mid vowel [ɝ]

8. Confusing r [ɾ] and l [l] Sounds

9. l [l] and n [n] Sounds

10. Voiceless f [f] and Voiced v [v] Sounds

11. Voiced b [b] and Voiceless p [p] Sounds

12. Voiceless s [s] and Voiced z [z] Sounds

13. Voiceless th [θ] and Voiced th [ð] Sounds

14. Diagraph ch [tʃ] and sh [ʃ] Sounds

15. Hard g [ɡ] and Soft g [dʒ] Sounds

16. v [v] and w [w] Sounds

17. Cluster "ks" [ks] and "kw" [kw] Sounds

18. Nasal "ng" [ŋ] and "nk" [ŋk] Sounds

19. The Magic 'e'

20. Final "-ed" Sounds

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