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Think and Write 1

e-future company's book series

32 Units

Day 1-32

1. Unexpected Free Time: Making a Fast Elevator

2. Unexpected Free Time: Waiting Fun

3. Weather and Me: What Makes Goose Bumps?

4. Weather and Me: My Coldest Day

5. Amazing Magic: Broomsticks and Witches

6. Amazing Magic: An Amazing Magic Show

7. My Favorite Animal: A Cute Tree Bear

8. My Favorite Animal: Bunnies Don't Take Baths

9. Snow: The Quiet after a Snowfall

10. Snow: A Fun Morning for Me

11. Flags: What is the Meaning of Stars on Flags

12. Flags: Flag of Independence

13. Left or Right Handed: Being Left Handed

14. Left or Right Handed: Things for the Left Handed

15. Funny Habits: Why Do Hippos Yawn All of the Time?

16. Funny Habits: Funny Habits

17. Travel to a Famous Place: Did a Little Boy Save a City?

18. Travel to a Famous Place: Family Trip to Disneyland

19. My Favorite Cartoon Character: A Famous and Loved Mouse

20. My Favorite Cartoon Character: Surprise at the Teddy Bear Fair

21. Cooking Lessons: Doughnuts Have a Hole in the Middle

22. Cooking Lessons: Making Pizza for Mom

23. Recycling: The Ugly Eiffel Tower Nearly Pulled Down

24. Recycling: My Chair Made of Milk Cartons

25. Valentine's Day Present: Saint Valentine Who Loved One

26. Valentine's Day Present: Wonderful Day

27. Hairstyles: The King and Queen Have No Hair

28. Hairstyles: My New Dyed Hairstyle

29. My Favorite Shoes: A Necessary Fashion

30. My Favorite Shoes: My Successful On-line Shopping Story

31. Eyeglasses: Wear Sunglasses to Prevent Headaches

32. Eyeglasses: My Eye Problem Solved

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