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Let's Go 6

This book is contains interesting lessons for students who are ready to move to higher level of English learning. Expressions and sample dialogues are very useful in their everyday conversation.

32 Units

Day 1-32

1. Let's Talk: School Days

2. Let's Learn: Which boy is Scott?

3. Let's Learn More: Jenny was sitting on a bench when it started to rain.

4. Let's Read: The First Ice Pop

5. Let's Talk: At the Aquarium

6. Let's Learn: The shark was scary.

7. Let's Learn More: Kate said the turtles were amazing.

8. Let's Read: Waves in a Bottle.

Review. Unit 1-8

9. Let's Talk: Going Shopping

10. Let's Learn: Should I get my sister a necklace or a ring?

11. Let's Learn More: She showed him a T-shirt.

12. Let's Read: Happiness is a Clean Park

13. Let's Talk: Around Town

14. Let's Learn: Where's the ice cream shop?

15. Let's Learn More: Go to the corner and turn right.

16. Let's Read: The Blue Planet

Review. Unit 9-16

17. Let's Talk: Explore the World

18. Let's Learn: People in Mexico speak Spanish.

19. Let's Learn More: Where are the clack beans eaten?

20. Let's Read: Chocolate

21. Let's Talk: Doing Things

22. Let's Learn: How long have you taught French?

23. Let's Learn More: Jenny is riding her bicycle.

24. Let's Read: My Life with the Circus

Review. Unit 17-24

25. Let's Talk: About Me

26. Let's Learn: When did you learn how to write your name?

27. Let's Learn More: I wish I could conduct an orchestra.

28. Let's Read: Learn How to Juggle

29. Let's Talk: In the Future

30. Let's Learn: If I could do anything, I would buy a pony.

31. Let's Learn More: What did you do yesterday?

32. Let's Read: Koko

Review. Unit 25-32

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