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News English 2

This book is a compilation of longer news articles for junior students who are ready to understand the contents of the articles and express his or her ideas through question and answer.

16 Units

Day 1-16

1. Roaming Around in a Gigantic Robot

2. The Colored Pigeon Venice

3. Tomato Festival

4. Gorilla Siblings Joyfully Reunites After Three Years

5. A Café for Dogs

Review. Unit 1-5

6. A Double Decker Bus that Exercises

7. Here Comes Spider Lizard

8. Are You Ready to Celebrate national Ice Cream Day

9. It's Friday the 13th…Again

10. The Smart Bed that Makes Itself

Review. Unit 6-10

11. It's National Donut Day

12. A Pizza Vending Machine

13. Coke's "Hug Me" Machine Dispenses Free Soda

14. These are NO Ordinary Beaches

15. Denmark's Generous Store "Sells" Chocolates for Good Deeds

16. Chinese "Cat Boy"

Review. Unit 11-16

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