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News English 4

This book is a compilation of news articles for junior students. Each unit requires the students to understand written text and express their thoughts clearly through a wide range of vocabulary and expressions.

16 Units

Day 1-16

1. Dolphin Language May Have Grammar

2. Sad Movies Help Reduce Pain

3. Vegetable Gardens Tested for Mars

4. Dogs Dream about Their Owners, Says Scientists

5. No Putting on Makeup on Trains, Says Rail Company

Review. Unit 1-5

6. Why Do Children Go to School?

7. People Who Read Live Longer

8. Italian Town to Use Silent Fireworks for Stressed Dogs

9. Company Pays Its Worker to Sleep

10. Men Developed Deep Voices to Scare Other Men

Review. Unit 6-10

11. New Store Lets You Shop, Walk Out and Pay Later

12. Doctors Say Hospitals Should Ban Perfumes

13. More and More 70-Year-Olds Working

14. Scientists Make Self-Repairing Clothes

15. Mothers Get Less Sleep than Fathers

16. Zealandia-The Eighth Continent?

Review. Unit 11-16

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