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News English 6

This book is a compilation of news articles for intermediate students. Each unit requires the students to understand written text and further enhance their skills to express thoughts clearly, comprehensively and in an organized manner.

16 Units

Day 1-16

1. A Third of the Food We Produce is Wasted

2. No Shampoo May be Better for Your Hair

3. People with the Healthiest Hearts in the World

4. Dutch Towns Tell Tourists How to Behave

5. Families Get Government Help with Housework

Review. Unit 1-5

6. Plastic-Eating Worm Could Remove the World's Waste

7. Abu Dhabi Opens Government “Happiness Café”

8. Exercise Pill Could Replace Exercising

9. Exercise is Contagious Because of Social Media

10. Halal Snack Helps Bring Australians Together

Review. Unit 6-10

11. Do Doppelgangers Exist?

12. Your Next Smartphone May Have a Self-Healing Screen

13. Holland's King Reveals Secret Life as Pilot

14. “RoboCop”-First Robot Police Officer Starts Work

15. The Shape of Eggs Helps Birds Fly Well

16. Trendy Names Make Vegetables Look Tastier

Review. Unit 11-16

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