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Reading Highlights 2

This book is a compilation of long articles for students. It aims to further enhance the students fluency in reading and in speaking as well as their comprehension skills through the different learning-oriented reading articles.

20 Units

Day 1-20

1. Zebra Stripes

2. The Biggest Horse

3. Theddy's Bear

4. A Puzzling Cube

5. Blasting-off with Rockets

Review. Unit 1-5

6. Rocketing into Space

7. The Invention of Basketball

8. The Chinese Superstar

9. Painted Feelings

10. Starry Night

Review. Unit 6-10

11. Like Two Big Balloons

12. A Dangerous Choice

13. Cnsumer Culture

14. Solid Waste

15. Penrhyn Island

Review. Unit 11-15

16. Rangi and Papa

17. The Natural Shower

18. Victoria Falls

19. Don't Panic

20. 500 Words

Review. Unit 16-20

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