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Let's Chat 1

This book is designed for students to create a channel for an excellent strategy to enhance student motivation, foster intellectual agility, and encourage democratic habits. It provides an avenue for students to think deeply and speak confidently.

15 Units

Day 1-15

1. New Year's Resolutions Difficult to Keep

2. Fatherhood Lessons to Help Families Stay Together

3. 30 Million People Invited to Read Book

4. Keeping Cold Could Keep You Thinner

5. 90-Year-Old Starts Elementary School

Review. Unit 1-5

6. Man Waits 3 Hours for Ambulance

7. Record Number of Flowers Bloom

8. Hospital Chains Toys to Bed to Stop Thieves

9. Unemployed Young People Very Stressed

10. Tech Giants Woo 15-Year Old Whiz Kid

Review. Unit 6-10

11. HSBC Bank Helped the Rich Hide Money

12. Britain Says Yes to 3-Parent Babies

13. University Students Take "Impossible" Exam

14. India PM Says NO to Temple in His Name

15. Man Sues Women's University

Review. Unit 11-15

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