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Business English 3

This book is for intermediate students who are ready to use business expressions in communicating with colleagues. The expressions are work related and can make students feel confident when using them in different situations.

20 Units

Day 1-20

1. There are many people on the waiting list.

2. What's on your mind?

3. Let's call it a day, shall we?

4. These orders are not urgent.

5. They can't afford to give anyone a raise.

Review. Unit 1-5

6. Something might have come up.

7. You need a break!

8. Can I give you a hand?

9. We need to have a different strategy.

10. He started out as a blue collar worker.

Review. Unit 6-10

11. I thought we were able to close the deal.

12. I'm very sorry for the delay, sir.

13. I'm sorry, but she's in a meeting.

14. I need more information about your product.

15. I ran out of time.

Review. Unit 11-15

16. The features are great.

17. Do you have any recommendations?

18. She works so hard.

19. I have a business proposal for you.

20. It is under financial crisis.

Review. Unit 16-20

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