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Job Interview for Flight Attendants

This book contains a compilation of interview questions for intermediate students aiming to become flight attendants. Although the questions can be used in different settings, answers are designed for flight attendant aspirants to showcase their speaking skills.

22 Units

Day 1-22

1. To get started, would you introduce yourself?

2. Tell me about your family.

3. What do your family and friends say about your plan to become a flight attendant?

4. Tell me about your major. What made you choose that major?

5. Why do you want to become a flight attendant?

Review. Unit 1-5

6. What made you decide to apply for this company?

7. What kind of flight attendant would you like to be?

8. Tell me about your goals as a cabin crew member.

9. What do you think are the important attributes of a flight attendant?

10. Why are English skills important for being a flight attendant?

Review. Unit 6-10

11. What kind of people do you like to work with? Why?

12. What aspects of your interpersonal skills would you most like to improve?

13. Why do you think teamwork is very important?

14. What is one important characteristic for being a good leader?

15. Are you more of a follower or a leader in a group?

Review. Unit 11-15

16. Have you ever made a very serious mistake at work? What was it? How did you handle it? What did you learn from your mistake?

17. Tell me something about the most demanding customer you have ever met.

18. Have you ever experienced any cultural differences or cultural shock?

19. Most people believe that cabin crew members must give a good impression to passengers. Do you also think so? Why?

20. How would you conduct yourself in case of an emergency during a flight?

21. Have you ever flown with our airlines? If you have, tell me how you enjoyed the flight.

22. What can you do for our company?

Review. Unit 16-22

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