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New OPIc Language Task 1

This book serves a a guide for the student to be more knowledgaeable about the OPIc test. The practice interview and student determination will surely boost the students' confidence and speakings skills .

20 Units

Day 1-20

1. Background Survey Self-introduction

2. Company/Occupation I

3. Company/Occupation II

4. School/Student

5. Home/Housing/Neighborhood I

6. Home/Housing/Neighborhood II

7. Leisure Activities - Watching a Movie

8. Leisure Activities - Going to the Park

9. Leisure Activities - Watching a Sports Game

10. Leisure Activities - Watching a Concert/Play

11. Hobbies - Cooking

12. Hobbies - Listening to Music

13. Role-Play

14. Role-Play : Additional Samples

15. Additional Questions: Traveling

16. Additional Questions: Technology

17. Additional Questions: Shopping

18. Additional Questions: Raising Pets

19. Additional Questions: Reading

20. Additional Questions: Writing

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