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Let's Go Phonics 3

This book is especially designed for very young learners who are ready to start learning the alphabets, their sound and 3-letter blends. The book provides fun learning activities to encourage the young learner to enjoy learning English.

20 Units

Day 1-20

1. -s and -es

2. Silent Letters (b, k, w)

3. Review Units 1-2

4. au and aw

5. ou and ow

6. oi and oy

7. ow and ea

8. oo

9. Review Units 4-8

10. Three-letter Blends (thr, shr, scr, spr, str)

11. Digraphs and Blends with n (nk, nd, ng, nt)

12. Other Digraphs and Blends (ck, lk, st, rt)

13. Other Blends (rch, nch, tch)

14. Review Units 10-13

15. ar

16. er

17. ir

18. or

19. ur

20. Reviews Units 15-19

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