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Let's Go 1

This book introduces simple question and answer practice to children. It helps students read simple questions and sentences they can use every day. The interesting arrangement of lessons will surely help students learn English language.

32 Units

Day 1-32

1. Let's Talk: Things for School

2. Let's Learn: What's this?

3. Let's Learn More: Is this a poster?

4. Let's Read: Phonics Bb and Pp

5. Let's Talk: Colors and Shapes

6. Let's Learn: What color is this?

7. Let's Learn More: Is this a red square?

8. Let's Read: Phonics Cc and Gg

Review. Unit 1-8

9. Let's Talk: At the Store

10. Let's Learn: How many crayons? Three crayons.

11. Let's Learn More: What's this? What are these?

12. Let's Read: Phonics Dd and Tt

13. Let's Talk: People at Home

14. Let's Learn: Who's she? Who's he?

15. Let's Learn More: She's my mother. She's pretty.

16. Let's Read: Phonics Aa

Review. Unit 9-16

17. Let's Talk: Happy Birthday!

18. Let's Learn: What is it? I don't know.

19. Let's Learn More: It's little. It's a little box.

20. Let's Read: Phonics Ee

21. Let's Talk: Outdoors

22. Let's Learn: How many flowers are there?

23. Let's Learn More: Where's the bat? It's on the table.

24. Let's Read: Phonics Ii

Review. Unit 17-24

25. Let's Talk: Food

26. Let's Learn: What do you want?

27. Let's Learn More: I want chicken. I don't want fish.

28. Let's Read: Phonics Oo

29. Let's Talk: Animals

30. Let's Learn: There's a rabbit.

31. Let's Learn More: I like monkeys.

32. Let's Read: Phonics Uu

Review. Unit 25-32

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