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Let's Go 5


32 Units

Day 1-32

1. Let's Talk: How Much Food?

2. Let's Learn: There are a lot of nuts.

3. Let's Learn More: How much fruit is there? There is a lot of fruit.

4. Let's Read: Dinosaurs

5. Let's Talk: Comparing Animals

6. Let's Learn: Which one is faster?

7. Let's Learn More: Which one is more colorful? The fish is more colorful.

8. Let's Read: What Do You Know about Animals

Review. Unit 1-8

9. Let's Talk: Last Weekend

10. Let's Learn: What was Kate doing?

11. Let's Learn More: Where was Andy this morning? He was at home.

12. Let's Read: A Trip to the Strawberry Farm

13. Let's Talk: Activities

14. Let's Learn: How does Kate dance?

15. Let's Learn More: What does Kate do well? She sews very well.

16. Let's Read: A Tornado in a Bottle

Review. Unit 9-16

17. Let's Talk: The Future

18. Let's Learn: Will Jenny mop the floor?

19. Let's Learn More: What will you do after class? I think I'll go to sleep after class.

20. Let's Read: Elephant Camp

21. Let's Talk: Fun in the Seasons

22. Let's Learn: What did you do last weekend?

23. Let's Learn More: Andy will probably go surfing.

24. Let's Read: Butterflies

Review. Unit 17-24

25. Let's Talk: The Senses

26. Let's Learn: The rainbow looks beautiful.

27. Let's Learn More: How does the mirror feel? The mirror feels smooth.

28. Let's Read: Why Do Foods Taste Different?

29. Let's Talk: New Experiences

30. Let's Learn: Have you ever eaten sushi?

31. Let's Learn More: Have you ever seen a crocodile? Yes, I have. / No, I haven't.

32. Let's Read: The Dream Catcher

Review. Unit 25-32

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