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01 Teacher

11 talk has experienced expert teachers.

We are proud to have seasoned and expert teachers who provide a result-oriented English class after completing the 12-stage training offered exclusively by 11talk. With the availability of modern class tools combined with professional strategies, they produce interactive class sessions. Our teachers are well-adept in handling ESL Courses and Test Modules like IELTS and TOEIC.

Teachers who have passed strict employment standards

02 Smart System

Effective Learning System

With over 20 years in the English industry, we take confidence in helping our students reach a higher rate of Language improvement. Our current learning system caters to effective information retention that leads to practical language usage and higher test results.
Step 1: Preview
Easy Access on lesson preview
Step 2: Lesson
interesting live 1:1 English Class
Step 3 : Writing Homework
Extensive learned expressions Practice
Step 4: Review
Teacher's daily feedback and Practice.

03 Auto SNS Alarm

There is no way for you to forget attending your classes. Click the Start Class Button in SNS Alarm

Auto SNS Alarm Message
1. Class Preview, 30mins before the live class
2. Teacher’s Daily Feedback
3. Written Homework Result
4. Online Staff's Consultation result
Function in SNS Alarm
1. Immediate Joining of Class
2. 10-second class postponement button
3. Regular class preview,review and homework completion promotion
4. Check the Homework Feedback and Teacher's Comment

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04 Free E-Book

Our learning materials are CEFR-Aligned and are offered for free.

We support your English learning goals through the availability of more than 2000 learning materials. The materials are recommended based on the level test assessment that we give for free. 
Speaking Course
Daily Conversation 1~8
Power Speaking 2~10
Free Talking 6~10
Junior Course
Phonics 1~3
Let's go 1~6
Junior FreeTalk 3~6
Junior News 3~8
Special Course
Business English 1~3
Job Interview 1~2
IELTS Advanced

05 Promo Price

Our learning scheme gives you the best learning option in experiencing high-quality educational services.

Free Booking 10% Discount

* Free booking is for professionals who want to have flexible study time
* students who want to take free discussion and other courses to attain an English level upgrade.
Class Minute 2times
per week
per week
per week
20min Class $51 $64 $86
40min Class $74 $95 $122

Fixed Booking 10% Discount

* Skip your worries on daily booking! is recommended for
* Students who need schedule management and study motivation for immediate English skills improvement.
Recommended for courses like job interview and English test scores in short duration.
tution Fee
per week
per week
per week
20min Class $68 $86 $108
40min Class $99 $126 $153

06 Testimonials

What do people say about 11 talk?

Join our satisfied and successful 33k graduates. Find out what they have to say about their learning experience at 11talk. 

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