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01 Top Language Instructors

11talk maintains quality education through its experienced language teachers. They are well-adept in teaching ESL Courses and Test Module Courses like IELTS and TOEIC with modern class tools and strategies. They conduct comprehensive classes with tailor-fit learning materials.
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Teacher Venus
Business (Expert) | IELTS
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Teacher Romuel
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Teacher Erna
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Teacher Fernan
Speaking | Junior | Business | IELTS

11talk teachers are meticulously chosen through the company's 12-phase hiring process.

02 Smart Learning System

Effective Learning System

The 4-step Smart learning system results in long-term language retention for students with class preparation and exercises.
Step 1: Preview
Initial vocabulary and expressions preview.
Step 2: Lesson
Productive language exchange practice.
Step 3 : Writing Homework
Extensive writing composition practice.
Step 4: Review
Consolidated exercises for Language point retention.

03 SNS Class Notification

Be updated and enjoy the convenience of 11talk SNS notifications on your phone and computer.

Do you have a hectic schedule?
Never miss a class again.
Do you want to have a hassle-free class cancellation?
Just click the cancellation button.
For Parents and Students
1. Class Alarm (Sent 30 minutes before the class).
2. Class Cancellation Button (Appears in 15 seconds, Sent 30 minutes before the class).
3. Preview, 1:1 Class, and Review Start buttons.
4. Teacher's Daily Feedback and writing composition result notifications

04 Video Optimized English Textbooks

6000 Units of Ai 4-step learning materials.

11talk offers a variety of free learning materials for all English learners in their respective CEFR-based levels with 6000 Units of Ai 4-step learning materials. We offer Senior Beginner English, Junior Phonics, Junior News English, Business English, IELTS/TOEFL, and TOEIC courses.
(Some courses require the purchase of PDF books and copyrighted materials.)
Speaking Course
Daily Conversation 1~8
Power Speaking 2~10
Free Talking 6~10
Junior Course
Phonics 1~3
Let's go 1~6
Junior FreeTalk 3~6
Junior News 3~8
Special Course
Business English 1~3
Job Interview 1~2
IELTS Advanced

05 Student (+ Parent) Testimonials

Get a glimpse of 11 talk students' reviews.

It's been 20 years of hard work in providing quality education for the best English school in the Philippines, Pines International Academy, and now, through 11talk.

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