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Pronunciation Practice 1

The book will help the students gain confidence in pronouncing single consonant and vowel sounds. Students will master the contrasting alphabet sounds thru repetitive exercises.

20 Units

Day 1-20

1. Short a [æ] and Short e [ɛ] Sounds

2. Short e [ɛ] and Long a [eɪ] Sounds

3. Short i [ɪ] and Long e[i:] Sounds

4. Short oo [ʊ] and Long oo [u:] Sounds

5. Short o [ɑ] and Long o [oʊ] Sounds

6. Schwa Sounds [ʌ] and [ə]

7. Back vowel [ɑr] and Open mid vowel [ɝ]

8. Confusing r [ɾ] and l [l] Sounds

9. l [l] and n [n] Sounds

10. Voiceless f [f] and Voiced v [v] Sounds

11. Voiced b [b] and Voiceless p [p] Sounds

12. Voiceless s [s] and Voiced z [z] Sounds

13. Voiceless th [θ] and Voiced th [ð] Sounds

14. Diagraph ch [tʃ] and sh [ʃ] Sounds

15. Hard g [ɡ] and Soft g [dʒ] Sounds

16. v [v] and w [w] Sounds

17. Cluster "ks" [ks] and "kw" [kw] Sounds

18. Nasal "ng" [ŋ] and "nk" [ŋk] Sounds

19. The Magic 'e'

20. Final "-ed" Sounds

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